When should I ask for a house call?

There are many reasons why you might prefer us to visit your home rather than bringing your pet to our office. Many elderly or disabled clients find it difficult to manage transporting their pet by car or taxi. You may own several pets or a breeding establishment where one visit can meet all your needs better than by traveling back and forth on numerous visits to get everyone’s check-ups completed. Frequently we are asked to visit your home to administer the “final act of caring” by euthanizing your pet where he/she is in a comfortable environment surrounded by family.

When is it advisable to bring my pet into the hospital to be examined?

When a pet is injured or sick, it may not be possible to perform all the necessary tests (such as blood work or radiographs) to diagnose and treat the problem. Under these circumstances, we will usually request that you make arrangements to bring your pet in for a complete exam and diagnostic work-up. If your pet is aggressive and difficult to handle, we will need to discuss the best options for the safety of all involved, which may include providing you with an appropriate sedative prior to our visit. Some pets may be more aggressive toward strangers in their home environment in which case a house call may not be advisable.

Where do you provide house call services?

We do service all of Grey and Bruce county (including Chatsworth, Meaford, The Blue Mountains, Hepworth, Allenford, Holland Center, Berkeley) but recognize that locations outside of Owen Sound will be assessed a mileage charge in addition to the house call fee. Most house calls need to be scheduled well in advance and are not appropriate for emergency situations.

We would be pleased to answer any other questions you may have about our house call services.

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