Did you know that periodontal disease affects nearly all dogs and cats by the age of 3 years old? The bacterial infection in the mouth associated with periodontal disease has been associated with heart, liver and kidney disease. This chronic infection also affects general systemic health and is a source of pain and discomfort for the pet. Dogs and cats often show no symptoms of periodontal disease, so an oral exam by a veterinarian at least every 12 months is critical.

Your pet’s oral health is so important, and we’re here to help. Preventive care includes home care (tooth brushing, Hill’s Prescription t/d diet, mouth rinses and chews) as well as periodic dental cleanings and evaluations under anesthesia. We provide high-quality cleaning, evaluation, digital dental x-rays, and treatments including extractions, oral surgery, restorations/bonding, and referral to a specialist (veterinary dentist) when appropriate.

Why is this so important?

Poor oral hygiene can lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth loss, bone loss, oral pain, abscesses and infections, excessive drooling, and difficulty eating. Additionally, because bacteria in the mouth can be absorbed into the bloodstream, other organs, like the heart, kidneys, and liver, can suffer as a result of poor oral hygiene.

Since many pet owners struggle to brush their pet’s teeth regularly and bacteria accumulates under the gum line, regular dental cleanings conducted by the veterinary health care team are important.

Dental cleanings are important!

Most pets do not tolerate anyone poking around in their mouth. Because of this, a dental cleaning can only be performed while a pet is under general anesthesia. This enables us to conduct a thorough oral examination; perform dental X-rays; remove the tartar, plaque, and bacteria from under the gum line; and extract diseased or broken teeth while taking measures to control pain.

When was the last time your pet had a dental cleaning? Give your furry companion the gift of clean teeth, fresh breath, and improved overall health this holiday season. Call our office to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning.

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